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Best Tips to Stay Young

The stress mark on the skin before the mid-age is not good sign. Different aspects of the lifestyle and food habit are the reasons for ageing. If you want to stay young, it is important to follow some tips.

Here are some Tips to Stay Young

1. Stay away from harmful Sun ray. Stay in harmful Sun ray for long time is one of the main cause of stress mark on the skin. When you go out , you can use sunscreen lotion on your face and hand, also other part of body that does not cover by your cloth.

2. To maintain the youthfulness of your skin , drink enough pure water and keep lot of fruits, vegetables and liquid like juice in your daily diet.

3. Anxiety throws on the skin to age. So leave unnecessary tension. Spend happy time with friends and family.

4. Get sound sleep everyday.

5. Exercise regularly to consume fat.

6. Eat oily fish.

7. Avoid Tobacco Products, it is very harmful and smoking lead you to ageing.

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