5 Simple way to prevent yourself from sickness!

Everyone knows  the idiom “prevention is better than cure” Before fall in Sickness, it is better to prevent. There are some easy and simple healthy habits to prevent yourself from sickness.

1. Not Drinking too much Alcohol:
Drinking alcohol over time may arise chronic physical and mental health problems. Heavy drinking can Damage your liver and cause of cardiovascular disease and multiple types of cancer.  There are some Short-Term Effects of drinking too much alcohol: (a) Loss of memory and Power of critical Judgement (b) Mood swings (c) Reduced core body Temperature. (d) Raised blood pressure. (e) Vomiting.

2. Practice to Wash Hands Regularly and Frequently:
Wash your hands before taking meal, after using the washroom, after sneezing ( if you covering the nose and face with the hands) or after cleaning your nose, after touching any dirty thing like unwashed fruit or vegetables, after driving, after using mobile phone or similar things that you use regularly but do not wash regularly or not at all.
This practice  keep you safe from typhoid, dysentery, cholera,
diarrhea, hepatitis-A, various types of worms etc.

3. Healthy Eating Habits:
Take your food timely. Do not skip any meal in a day.
Balanced food the best food for your health. Balanced eating habits play a vital role to prevent high blood pressure, diabetes, heartburn, some cancers and obesity.
Eat fresh food and avoid stale food and unhealthy food.

4. Cleanliness:
Wear clean clothes and take a shower regularly. Avoid using handkerchief, towel, comb, toothbrush, hat and clothes that used by others.
Never cuff or spit here and there. Do not throw dirt-rubbish here and there too.

5. Regular Physical Activities: Walking,running,jogging,
swimming, cycling are the example of physical activity.
You must spend minimum 150 minute weekly in physical activities. It helps to keep fit your body, increase blood circulation and digestive power, keep fresh your mind and  keep you cheerful that is most important for your healthy life.

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