Kidney disease

How to keep the kidneys well

Kidney disease is called the silent killer. One of the reasons for this is that many people feel it after suffering a massive damage to the kidneys. People who are at risk of kidney disease due to diabetes or high blood pressure should therefore take preventive measures.

Here are the rules to keep your kidneys healthy:

Avoid eating too much salt.

Do not take arthritis pain pills without doctor’s advice.

Antibiotics cannot be used without a doctor’s advice.

 In case of diarrhea or vomiting, dehydration should be properly prevented on the advice of a doctor.

All patients with diabetes and high blood pressure should have kidney tests for 6 consecutive months.

Those whose parents and siblings have kidney disease should be tested regularly.

 Kidney examination must be done if the body is swollen or water accumulates in the legs. Swelling of the legs can be an early symptom of serious kidney disease.

• Repeated urinary tract infections can cause permanent damage to the kidneys. So be aware of preventing it. Adhere to hygiene and cleanliness.

If you feel any obstruction during urination or if urination stops, you must seek treatment by contacting a specialist doctor. The same applies to children.

In case of kidney stones or tumors, surgery and necessary medicines should be taken. Some people have recurrent kidney stones. Therefore, even if the stone is removed surgically, ultrasonogram should be done once a year. Blood creatinine tests should also be done to understand the function of the kidneys. Prostate problems in men can also cause kidney damage. So stay in regular checkups.

If the amount of urine is reduced or the urine stops, you must see a kidney specialist.

• Playing Kamranga or Bilimbi can cause kidney failure in some people. So be careful when eating these two fruits.

Consult a kidney specialist if meat or protein and blood cells are excreted with urine.

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