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How to increase immunity to mental illness

Immunity is more or less present in all human beings. Immunity is a defense system that protects oneself from a variety of physical and mental illnesses, which are inherent in the human biological structure, mental structure and overall psychosomatic processes. Since human beings are a combination of body and mind, our immune system works at the same time.

The new coronavirus threatens our normal lives and livelihoods as it is highly contagious and deadly. It is very important to increase the resistance to mental illness to prevent coronavirus. Because, the virus is attacking us not only physically, but also mentally.

Negative thoughts and emotions like anxiety, fear, depression, emptiness etc. are working in us at the present time due to very reasonable reasons. We need to develop the ability to observe and tolerate all these negative feelings, emotions and thoughts without avoiding, rejecting, uniting with them and above all not reacting in any way.

Immunity gives a person the strength to resist stress, fear, uncertainty, inferiority and negative thoughts and to ensure mental balance by reducing their negative effects on the mind.

What can be done to boost immunity:

1. Do not run away or avoid the situation

We usually want to get rid of or avoid any kind of painful and painful stimuli and environment. This tendency to flee often leads to negative consequences. Because, no matter how unfavorable the reality is, it is not possible to get rid of it by denying it. On the contrary, various emotional conflicts are created.

On the contrary, various emotional conflicts are created. So, instead of avoiding the current Corona crisis, we have to accept it as a part of the ongoing life first. From there we can increase our resistance to mental illness by creating a positive meaning.

2. Don’t think of any kind of emotion as part of your identity

Fear, anxiety will work in us due to uncertainty, this is normal. But don’t think of all these fears and anxieties as part of your personality and identity. That is, the existing fears and anxieties do not mean you. This type of fear and anxiety is an automatic, transient, and normal response of your body and mind to an inexperienced and uncertain situation.

So you have to accept them calmly without trying to get rid of them from your mind and keep yourself busy with daily activities at home without imposing any kind of personal money on them. The effects of the existing fears and anxieties will gradually diminish.

3. Acknowledge your disability

During this time many catastrophic thoughts may come to mind. For example: whether the relationship with loved ones will be severed, whether the job will be gone, whether the family and relatives will be infected with coronavirus. When it comes to catastrophic thoughts, you also have to think that we are not in control of everything in our lives.

So try to respect this disability by honestly acknowledging it and not disrupting it as a natural sign of change. This will increase the ability to welcome everything dear and unpleasant. Once you see that catastrophic thoughts will stop revolving in your mind.

4. Think of the present, not the past or the future

Another effective way to boost your immune system is to try to keep your mind focused on the present and not on the past and the future. It’s a little difficult. Because, our mind always jumps into the thoughts of the past and the thoughts of the future for a while. When the mind becomes more attuned to something in the past, depression is created inside us.

And when we become more united in the future, we become anxious. Excessive past and future thoughts create guilt and panic. So in order to increase the resistance to mental illness, we have to keep our mind inside our body at all times. Because, our body lives in the present all the time.

When I am doing that work, I have to try to keep my mind confined to that work. Also, try to meditate for at least five minutes every morning, afternoon, and night, focusing on your breathing or the ups and downs of the lower abdomen during breathing. Because, meditation gradually increases your ability to hold your mind in the present and informs you about the features of your mind.

5. Create genuine bonds with relatives

It is very important to create and maintain genuine bonds with family members, relatives and neighbors. Because, positive relationship keeps the mind fresh all the time and increases the positive energy of the mind.

We should try to help people as sincerely as possible. It increases the unity of people with people. Solidarity helps people overcome feelings of loneliness.

6. Be creative

Every day you have to try to do some small creative work. It increases confidence. Drugs and excessive amounts of tea and coffee should not be consumed as a way to cope with stress. The external and internal sources from which the pressure is being generated must be identified with intelligence. The stressors that can be dealt with now have to be dealt with logically.

And the elements that cannot be controlled at the moment should be removed from the list of thoughts and avoided. This will increase your self-control.

7. Make sure you get enough sleep

Ensure at least eight hours of sleep daily at the right time. Because, adequate sleep increases the resistance to mental and physical diseases. Take regular baths, wash your own clothes, and clean your own room. Helping others with household chores will help you make your day meaningful.

At the same time, it is necessary to ensure nutritious food and local fruits in the daily food list and to exercise regularly even for a short time.

At the end of the day, you need to practice a positive attitude towards yourself and the future. All life and nature on earth must be accepted as friends.

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