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How long Contagious Flu does last?

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Flu is a commonly health issue that is contagious respiratory infection  cause of  influenza virus. It come unexpectedly, suddenly and intensely . It has short  incubation period 1-4 days and then start showing symptoms.

Severe symptoms generally last 2 to 3 days, during this period you feel weakness and  fever.
Normal symptoms last for around 3 to 7 days,in this period you suffer from dry cough, fatigue, and weakness

How many days am I contagious with flu?

Before showing symptoms, you are contagious 1-2 days and you are also contagious for 4-7 days after symptoms expose. While you have symptoms, you are highly contagious.

What you should do, while you are infected with flu?

1. Drink lot of liquid because flu causes dehydration by increasing your body temperature.

2. Stay home and take rest

3. See the doctor in severe cases.

You should stay away from people because nobody like to getting infected with flu. Wash you hand frequently and don’t touch your nose and mouth while you are infected.

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