Health tips

9 Best Health Tips to Keep You Healthy

Everyone want to keep their body with good health but it not easy task. That’s why everyone should follow some health tips.

Here are the 9 best health tips

Don’t miss everyday breakfast. There is no alternative to keep entire day your body in working mode. You can take rich food in breakfast.

Keep vegetables and fruits in your everyday diet.

Protein play a vital role for good health, therefore take enough protein everyday. Sea fish,meat,egg,milk are good source of protein.

To balance your weight exercise regularly, it cares your heart also.

Avoid over fatty food and take high Calories food.

Give priority to home made food than fast food.

Drink enough pure water and avoid cold drinks. Water help to control body temperature and oxygen circulation to your muscle.

Drink green tea, it supply antioxidant in your body.

Do not work in your office or home without break. Take a short break or nap to recharge yourself.

To lead a healthy life follow the above health tips and enjoy a happy life.

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