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Best Habit to Develop Mental Health

Health is wealth, it’s include both physical and mental health. Some time we ignore psychological health but it is most important to lead a happy and healthy life.

You can practice the flowing habit to develop mental health.

1. Make a everyday routine: Make a perfect routine and live accordingly. Follow the routine until you wake up in the morning to sleep at night. It helps to keep you stressless.

2.Take a break in working hour: A short break helps to recharge yourself. Working long time without break rise your stress and stress can damage your work.

3. Communicate directly with your friends & family member instead of using technology: Overuse of technology is a reason for the attention being scattered. So you can come to the offline, meet with the real world, real people in real life, exchange views and eat together at the same time, make fun,tell jokes, share your feelings. It reduce your stress and make fresh your mind.

4. Do exercise regularly: Exercise make your mind fresh. According to the research, physical exercise helps to release a hormone (Andorphin) in our brain, that helps to creates a feeling of our love. So exercise regularly, the production of this Andorphin in the brain will keep you free from stress.

Exercise is the key to keeping good mental health.

5. Think positively: Be positive minded. Negativity makes people mentally disheartened. Positive thinking puts people in happiness.

6. Spend quality time with friends & family: Spend your spare time with friends & family. Share your feelings, views with them and try to know their feelings also. Do fun to make the moment enjoyable. Be cordial with them, listen them carefully to maintain good relationship.

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