Awareness in Office at COVID19 epidemic

The office-court has been opened for various needs at the peak of coronavirus infection. Public transport has been introduced, albeit to a limited extent, we have all started coming and going to work. We are not sure when this epidemic will end, so we have to adapt to this new normal situation. In accordance with all kinds of hygiene rules, the work should start with all the measures to prevent infection. Before that I want to know, what will be the new office policy?


The government’s public administration ministry has said that for the time being, the office-court will be run with 25 percent manpower. This means that as before, all the workers used to attend every day regularly, now we have to come out of that traditional system. Roster or routine, so that not everyone has to go to the office every day. One day a week, one person will go to the office in turn and the rest will be on duty from home. This routine work will continue for a few more days.

This new arrangement is to avoid crowds and so that everyone is not exposed together. So on the day you have to go to the office, you will be ready in the morning to go to the office. Breakfast is a very important meal – it can either make or break your day. You must have one or two good surgical masks, which fit perfectly. If you do not come in contact with a health worker and a covid patient, a simple three-layer cloth or surgical mask is sufficient.
There is no need to wear gloves, but it is better to wear them when touching files, papers and desks in the office. However, the hands wearing gloves but nothing can touch the nose and face.

Avoid vanity bags, wallets, bags. Put the bag in your pocket with money, cards, keys, cellphones in a small plastic bag. If you need to have lunch, take a lunch box and a water bottle in a polythene or cloth bag. Keep with a small hand sanitizer. It is better to avoid public transport such as buses, human haulers etc. The best walk. If you have your own car or motorcycle, they are also good.

Office cars are used by many people together, so you have to sit at a distance. Spraying hand sanitizer while getting on and off public transport, leaving a seat empty. The seats should be disinfected regularly. These rules and regulations will be properly observed only when we as consumers are aware. Maintain distance while standing in line to get on the bus. Never touch anyone else’s or anyone else’s belongings. Do not touch the handle of the bus or the front handle of the seat. Before getting in your car or motorbike, disinfect the handle, steering wheel, glass switch, etc. Do not sit next to the driver but sit on the opposite side of the back. Do not leave the AC open the window. The driver must wear a mask.

Awareness in the office

It is better to avoid the elevator as much as possible. Especially if there is a crowd during office hours. And if you have to use it, the rule is to stand facing the elevator wall with your back to each other, trying to press the elevator button with your elbow. Enter the office without touching the door handle. Corona is fine until the card is punched, but offices need to stop using fingerprint machines.

All offices must have hand washing facilities at the entrance or below. Whoever comes from outside, he must wash his hands and enter. Even after entering your floor or office, first go to the washroom and wash your hands with soap. Then come to the desk and first disinfect the top floor of the desk, computer keyboard, mouse, telephone, etc. with sanitizer.

It is forbidden to go to each other’s desks in the office at this time, to stand in one place and tell stories. Talk from three feet away or use a desk phone if necessary. Online is now the best way to hold a meeting. Many people cannot get together on the occasion of a meeting. It may be that some attended the meeting from the office and some from home.Never open the mask at work, do not put it under the nose to the neck. Once you remove the mask, you have to throw it away and wear another one, so keep a few masks if needed. The mask should be discarded when it gets wet and damp. When changing the mask, open the back strap with your hands and throw the waste in the appropriate place. Try not to eat office cups, plates, tea, snacks, etc.

Wash your hands well at lunch and eat quickly using your own spoon from the box you brought and wash your hands after eating and put on a new mask again. The mask that you put on the table or desk or hang around your neck is contaminated and cannot be given to the nose again. Make it a habit to wash your hands several times throughout the day. When the washroom is away, disinfect your hands with hand sanitizer. Sanitizer can also be given to hands wearing gloves. Disinfect your hands immediately, especially after touching any file or document.

Back home

Before returning home, make sure the door is open and the bathroom has the necessary facilities. A covered bin should be kept near the door of the house. Carefully remove the mask with your hands on the strip. Many people wear disposable caps on their heads, remove them too. Put the plastic bag upside down in a box or container inside the door and pour the keys, money, cellphone, glasses and throw the plastic bag in the outer bin.

Keep the food box inside and remove the bag, if it is a cloth bag, keep it in your hand for washing. Shoes must be left out. Then disinfect keys, glasses, cellphones with sanitizer spray. Carefully remove the gloves before entering the room at the end of all.

Before entering the bathroom, wash your hands with soap up to your elbows. Then take a bath. Wash used clothes, socks, food bags, etc. by dipping them in soapy water. Do not go to your relatives, do not sit on any chair or bed until you have returned home and disinfected yourself and your belongings.

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