Breast cancer

Breast cancer

How to Reduce Breast Cancer Risk?

In the age of 30 years and after that age, it is important to ensure good health of the nipples due to our life style and health changes. Find out some of the things to do to protect your nip health.

1. Use perfect size bra: Use comfortable and healthy bra with perfect size. Your bra size may be change in span of time due to your body groth, so be careful in this case.

2. Do massage: To keep up blood circulation you can massage your breast.

3. Test your breast by yourself: If your breast examines itself, where is the loss? If you identify any changes in your breast, then talk to the doctor as soon as possible.

4.Breast Feeding: If you are a mother,then feed you baby right way.It will ensure the health of your breasts also reduce the risk of breast cancer.

5. Do exercise: If you exercise regularly and keep your weight in control, it can reduce the risk of breast cancer.

6. Take healthy food: In the middle age metabolism becomes slow, so in this age you must take healthy food including lot of fresh fruits and vegetables.

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