Advice on coping with the long-term effects of corona

A patient infected with coronavirus can suffer from various problems for a long time even after recovery. This long-term effect of corona can be divided into physical and mental.

Physical effects

Coronavirus infections can have two types of complications. Decreased amount of oxygen in the body and cytokine storm. These two factors are also thought to be responsible for the long-term effects of corona. Therefore, patients with moderate to severe infections are more likely to have long-term complications than patients with mild symptoms.

In addition to the lungs, the brain, kidneys, liver, heart, etc. can also be victims of corona complications. Viral pneumonia caused by a coronary infection can cause complications such as pulmonary fibrosis in the lungs. As a result, in the long run, the patient may suffer from permanent and severe shortness of breath, cough, fatigue, loss of ability, etc.

The risk of long-term damage to the brain immediately after the lungs. Acute hemorrhagic necrotizing can lead to complications such as encephalopathy, meningitis or stroke. As a result, in the long run, there is a risk of convulsions, amnesia, paralysis, etc.
In addition, if the amount of oxygen in the blood is low for a long time, the supply of adequate oxygen to the brain is interrupted, which later disrupts the patient’s intelligence and higher nervous activity. Coronary infections can cause temporary kidney failure, which takes time to fully recover. In this case dialysis may be required.

Psychological effects

Fear and emotional trauma and stress surround the patient after the coronary infection is confirmed. This can lead to mental problems such as anxiety, depression, post traumatic stress disorder, and even personality disorders.

Things to do

Rest, eat nutritious food, even after recovering from a corona infection or being discharged from the hospital. Exercise regularly to increase lung function. Try to control diabetes, high blood pressure etc. The doctor may prescribe some medications in the long run. Keep in touch with the doctor at a later time. Do not hesitate to seek treatment for mental problems. Because, if you are mentally disturbed, your recovery may be delayed.

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