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7 way to boost your immune system at the time of Corona Pandemic

We know the all common prevention rule against CoronaVirus.
Today we know about how to boost the immune system in our body by following some rules and daily habits.

1. Stop smoking from today:

Smoking damages  your lungs power, if you stop smoking that means you stop your lungs damaging.

Many research has already proved that there are many negative impacts of smoking on COVID-19 disease.

If you are smoking at the time of reading this article, throw it now.

2. Quit drinking wine:

Drinking wine destroys your immune system. If you have this bad habit, quit drinking to protect your immune system.

3. Control your Blood Pressure and Diabetes:

Your lungs and heart will be the most affected by the Corona. 

So if you have these diseases, you need to control them now.

4. Get enough sound sleep:

Many people do not get enough sleep regularly. Now many people have changed their normal working hours and activity during the lockdown, so sleep may be less and irregular. Remember, sleeping less than seven to eight hours a day can weaken the immune system. So there is no way to give up sleep at night.

5. Eat more fresh vegetables and fruits:

Nutritional deficiencies and long-term malnutrition reduce our body’s resistance to common diseases. Green vegetables and fruits on your daily diet will help boost your body’s immune system. In addition, Harvard University scientists have shown that every day a variety of vitamins and minerals, such as: Vitamin D (D3-10000 / IU / day-3 weeks, then 5000 / IU / day-2 weeks), Vitamin C (1-3 g / day) And zinc (20-50 mg / day) can help prevent various respiratory diseases.

6. Don’t be panic:

Stress or anxiety can lower our immunity. So panicking in fear of CoronaVirus will actually do more harm than good. Pray regularly / practice your own religion or meditate. Read a good book, watch a beautiful movie. Reduce anxiety by having a good time with your loved ones.

7. Exercise every day:

Many people in Bangladesh, especially in urban areas, do not get enough physical exercise. So workout indoors for at least 30 to 40 minutes every day, do a little freehand exercise. Do housework to keep the body functioning. This will keep your body immune to disease.

Until we get a vaccine, let’s all be aware to strengthen our immune system. Stay healthy, practice good habits, be aware and maintain all hygiene .

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